TS Series-SmartHome Temperature Sensor

TS-series NTC temperature sensor and thermistor is mainly used in household intelligent electrical appliances. Exsense NTC temperature sensor housing is available in straight pipe, bullet, ring and epoxy type. NTC temperature sensor is made of high-precision, highly reliable NTC thermistor with PVC wire, teflon wire and other wire connection with insulation, heat conduction, waterproof.


1. Resistance range: 1KΩ-500KΩ

2. High precision of resistance value and B value, great consistency, the values are  interchangeable

3. Great insulation, excellent water resistance, quick response

4. With double sealing process, good sealing and crushing resistance,  great bending resistance

5. Long service life and long-term stability (annual resistance drift rate 1‰)

6. It can be packaged in different formats according to the shape of the temperature sensor required by the product type

7. Temperature range can be customized: -40℃ ~ 300 ℃


1. NTC temperature sensor can be applied to coffee machine, smart toilet, floor heating, microwave oven, etc.

2. Water temperature sensors for household air conditioners, car air conditioners, car water box, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, drinking fountains, etc.

3. Temperature sensors such as heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets and washing machines.

4. Humidity temperature sensor as dryer, low temperature drying

5. Temperature sensor for temperature measurement and control in the thermostat

Product model representation method:


Selection of electrical performance parameters:


Product parameter selection:

1. Thermal reaction time: 12 seconds in water

2. Dissipation factor: 2.6 mW / ℃ in a quiet place in the air

3. Pressure test: AC 1800V 2mA 1 second, no flashover, no breakdown and other abnormal phenomena in the steel ball

4. Insulation test: ≥100MΩ

5. Rated power: ≤10mW

6. Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

Shell type:


Connector type:


Optional type of wire:


Ordering instructions:

When ordering NTC temperature sensor, please inform the following parameters:

1. Requirement ofresistance (can be selected according to the above table)

2. Requirement of B value (can be selected according to the above table)

3. Working environment (whether waterproof, moisture-proof, cold resistant, etc.)

4. Use (choose different temperature-resistant wires and different resistance values for different USES)

5. Operating temperature range

6. Accuracy requirements (1%-5% optional)

7. Shell material (copper, brass, stainless steel, ABS, epoxy resin, etc.)

8. Shell size (can be customized)

9. Wire and length (customizable)

10. Does the tail need connectors?(Molex, JST, CJT, etc.)

Exsense Sensor is the direct manufacturer of NTC thermistors and temperature sensors.

Our products involve many parameters and specifications. Please confirm the parameters and specifications before ordering.