Technical Article

Technical Article
Temperature sensor of water dispenser

The water dispenser is one of the most widely used drinking equipment in our family. The hot water in the water dispenser is automatically heated by electricity, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient than the traditional way. We usually use thermostat switch with temperature sensor to protect the water dispenser.

There are two temperature sensors in the water dispenser, which correspond to high temperature and low temperature. Based on the negative temperature coefficient principle of NTC temperature sensor, the thermostat can cut off the circuit when the temperature rises to the specified temperature and prevent over-heating to dry the water and damage the machine. As the time goes by, when the water temperature drops to a certain range, the thermostat can reconnect to the circuit for heating.

The intelligent temperature control system of water dispenser makes use of the characteristics of NTC temperature sensor, which not only avoids the defects of dry burning caused by over-heating, but also saves energy and improves the security of intelligent household equipment.