About Exsense Sensor

Exsense Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. is a privately-run hi-tech enterprise manufacturer takes the creative technology as foundation aim to provide highest quality NTC thermistorm, NTC temperature sensor and probe for customers.We own the integrated production chain and world-class factory to operate from NTC chip, thermistor to finished product as temperature sensor and probe.The innovative R&D always makes Exsense become competitive in market, we will always offer high quality NTC temperature sensor and service with fair price. 

DT Series- NTC Thermistor Chip

Small Size, can be 0.3*0.3mm

High accuracy,can reach ±0.3%,±1%,±3%

Fast response

AT Series- NTC Thermistor Componets

High accuracy, can be +/-0.1℃

Excellent thermal cycle endurance

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +125℃

GT Series—Glass Seales NTC Thermistor

Ultra fast response

Used in high-temperature & moisture environments

Operation Temperature: -55-250DegC

TS Series-SmartHome Temperature Sensor

Varied encapsulations available

High reliability, fast response

Excellent inter-convertibility and consistency

TS Series-New Energy Temperature Sensor

High Accuracy,High Stability

Excellent thermal cycle endurance

Working temperature: -40-150DegC

OTS Series- Office Temperature Sensor

Good elasticity of the contact surface

Low contact force to reduce damage to roller

Working temperature: -20-230 DegC